Pizza Night Thursdays

Awhile ago (maybe a year or more), I declared to my wife that thursday is pizza night.  When I declared this we were often ordering in.  Then my wife got me to start accepting frozen pizzas from the grocery store as being sufficient for pizza night.  Then we got into the homemade pizzas, which I’ve always loved, but takes a bit more effort than logging onto a website and placing a pizza order.  Thank god (allah, buddah, whoever) for online pizza ordering; one less idiot I have to interact with in a day.  I know, I’d hate my job too if I lived in Winnipeg at a nation-wide call centre.

Pizza night was always pizza night.  If we happened to make homemade pizza, let’s say, on a monday, thursday was still pizza night.  It wasn’t a chip that could be traded around, it was freakin’ pizza night.

Pizza, for me, isn’t pizza without beer.  And I have this thing with beer; as long as there is a cold one in the fridge, it will be consumed.  I don’t care if I’m dragging my ass to work on my bike the next day.  By the way, a great hang-over cure is a 15km bike ride.  Hydrate well though!  (as a side note, there is currently 2 beer and 4 apple cider in my cellar (yes, they are crying out to me, but I choose to ignore their calls (a ferberization for alcoholics LOL)))

The first thursday of the 4HB I was late coming home from work, and my wife already had chili pita pizzas made.  That’s a pita, with chili spread on it, and some cheese.  Really easy, and really good.

(By the way, I’ve been photo documenting food for years, not just since 4HB, grabbed this one from the archives.)

Since that first thursday that I fell off the wagon, tomorrow will mark the 3rd consecutive non-pizza thursday nights.  I don’t really miss it, because I know, in 2 days (cheat day suckas!) I’m having P to the IZZA!

One reason I probably gained weight so fast was that pizza thursdays kicked off a weekend of eating out and lettin’ down your guard.  Basically it meant I was eating crap and drinking too much thursday to sunday, leaving only 3 friggin’ days of decent eating.

But I’ve discovered (but have not tried yet)…Cauliflower pizza crust!  It does call for some cheese (probably for binding) but if you’re otherwise on track, I can see it as a gap meal.  As in, a treat nice enough to bridge the gap to your next cheat day.

This page has a recipe for cauliflower ‘rice’ as well, which we’ve had, and was quite good.  We basically just laid down a bed of cauliflower ‘rice’ and put our legumes on that.  It was a nice little change and simulated something we were accustomed to eating at least once a week previously.

This weekend is an out-of-town wedding, we’ll see how that goes diet-wise.  Probably another 2-day cheat weekend.  Wish me luck!

For fun, I did a random weigh-in today; 170.0 lbs.  That’s 1.8lbs down from my last official weigh-in day.


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